Toyota launches V2V communication technology in Japan

Toyota has developed a vehicle to vehicle (V2V) system for use in Japan. The Prius, the Lexus RX, and the Toyota Crown have the option to come with the ITS Connect system.

The communication between vehicles works by using analog channels, which allow the cars to send and receive information such as location and speed. The cars can communicate up to 1000 ft (300m) in a 360 degree radius. The interesting thing is the communication is disconnected from the cloud meaning the cars communicate directly with one another.

The three models are also equipped for vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications. This means any object that has the ability to communicate, in this case send out signals using analog channels, can communicate with cars. There are traffic signals that can send information about each color and its relevant action (stop, slow, go) and the time between transitions from each action.

Toyota worked with the government of Japan to promote the technology and to educate citizens about the technology. The benefits include cars being given data about crashes, slow downs, or other important traffic data that can help drivers avoid crashes.