Domino’s to test drone delivery in New Zealand

Domino’s has partnered with Flirtey, a drone company, to launch a commercial drone delivery service in New Zealand.

Domino’s has been given permission by the New Zealand government to start a trial later this year. New aviation rules that came into effect on August 1st last year allow the use of drones or UAVs for recreational and commercial purposes.

The company will use drones to deliver pizzas in cases where its faster to deliver by drone than a ground vehicle and will only deliver around the distance of the store conducting the trial. “During the initial phases of the trial, our drones will operate at approximately 30km/h and at an initial radius of 1.5km from select stores. As we work with Flirtey to expand regulatory approvals, this radius will increase incrementally up to approximately 10km from select stores,” stated the company, according to a Q&A document.

The company stated the way the deliveries will work,”Initially, trained Domino’s team members will provide the customer and order information to Flirtey (including order composition, customer location and where relevant customer phone number), package the order, and then hand the package to Flirtey staff to load the drone. Once this is out of the trial phase and working, we will have trained drone specialist staff within each store.”

The company will offer specials for drone deliveries during the trial and gather data and customer feedback.

If the trial is successful the company plans to extend the delivery method to Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, and The Netherlands.