NBA announces VR streaming one live game a week

The NBA announced that starting next week they will be streaming one game per week in VR. NextVR will host the stream, the VR app lets you stream live sports on the Samsung and Oculus Gear VR platforms.

The VR stream will be made available as part of the NBA League Pass, a subscription based streaming platform for every NBA game. The subscription costs $199.99 a year, but offers all games to stream over the season.

The first game in VR will be between the Sacramento Kings and the San Antonio Spurs on October 27th. This stream is going to be available for free as a preview for anyone that has a Gear VR.

The NBA had experimented with streaming a game in VR, though it was just one 360 degree camera, but it was not as popular. This time it will be fully made with dedicated announcers, multiple camera angles, and even showing exclusive 360 degree content to VR viewers.