Firebase: Googles unified mobile developers platform

Google has a reputation for persuading developers to work on their platform, so its no surprise when the company announced Firebase, that gave a dedicated platform and SDK for building mobile apps. Today the company announced the expansion of these services through new features and integration with cloud tools.

Firebase was akin to Facebooks parse, offering a database service and hosting tools. The newest version of Firebase takes existing developer tools and combines them with Firebase services, turning it into a single unified app platform.

It features deep analytic services, much like Google Analytics, there’s a connection to the platform or in this case the app that you want to get data from. Developes can link apps with Firebase and see how often and whenever a button is pressed. This allows developers to anaylze app performance and user behavior. Developers also have access to make remote configuration changes in apps to allow for ¬†a variety of things such as A/B testing, changes in apps to allow for more interaction with users, changes in games to make them easier, and engage with your users.

Another new feature is Firebase’s new notifications system, which is based on Google Cloud Messaging, now known as Firebase Cloud Messaging. Firebase now supports iOS, Android, and the Web, and users get free unlimited notifications.

Google is also integrating Cloud Test Lab into Firebase for testing mobile apps on real hardware, which is no known as the Firebase Test lab. Developers also get crash reporting, the ability to create dynamic deep links in apps, Firebase invites to allow users to share referral codes, Firebase App indexing to integrate app content into Google Search, and integration with Google AdWords and AdMob, Googles advertising platforms.

Along with a new pricing plan developers can also get access to a free but limited version.