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Microsoft Build the future of AI

You might think an event for developers would be mostly boring. These developer events have gone from dazing to incredibly interesting futuristic spectacles and as the technology advances so do […]

OLO the $99 3D Printer

3D printers are one of those exciting, innovative, futuristic devices that you want but costs more than you can afford and can be over sized, until now. OLO is the […]

Use the force with the Force Band!

BB-8 the friendly droid in the new StarWars the Force Awakens, made bySphero, went for sale a few months ago and you can now buy a newly released wearable band […]

Wake up with a Scent!

SensorWake a Paris based startup has created an alarm clock that uses intense scents to wake you up rather than traditional noise alarms. The startup won a Google Science Fair […]