Setting Alerts- SharePoint 2013

Did you know you can setup alerts in SharePoint to be notified on changes that might happen in specific lists/libraries or individual items? This guide will show you how to setup alerts so you can keep a track of your lists/libraries or items.

  1. Go to the site for the list or library where you want to setup the alert.
  2. select the list or librarySite 1.png
  3. Click on the LIBRARY tab above
  4. Select Alert Me
  5. Select Set alert on this library Set Alert 3.png
  6. Go through and select your preferences
    1. Title
    2. Send Alerts To
    3. Delivery Method: E-Mail or Text Message (SMS)
    4. Change Type- Type of changes to the item that trigger alerts
    5. Send Alerts for These Changes-How the item is changed
    6. When to Send Alerts-FrequencyConfig 4.png
    7. Once you have chosen your preferences select OK to complete the alert
    8. You can also manage your alerts by clicking on Manage Alerts under AlertsManage Alerts.png
    9. Here you can manage your alerts or add new alerts
    10. Click on Add AlertAdd Alerts 5.png
    11. Here you can keep a track of lists or libraries and individual itemsMy Alerts New Alert 6.png

Now you know how to setup Alerts and Manage Alerts!