Lockheed Martin is manufacturing laser weapons.

Conventional weapons may be a thing of the past now that the development team at Lockheed Martin have figured out how to create functioning laser weapons.

In October 5th, 2015 announced they would begin manufacturing modular lasers for the Army, a 60 KW system for Army vehicles, according to their press release. Currently their lasers are limited to 30 KW, which might not be enough to match the kind of lasers you see in movies or science fiction shows, but its still capable doing incredible damage.

In 2015 the company tested the 30 KW Athena (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) laser weapons system, which according to the press release identified and disabled the engine of a small truck during a field test. This advancement came from their move to fiber-laser which use a system of server racks to boost power and performance. The laser uses multiple fiber laser modules, which avoids frequent repairing, and can be used by a single person. Its also based on Spectrum Beam Combining, according to Lockheed, which uses rare-earth elements such as erbium, neodymium, and others to enhance optical fiber to overcome limitations.

So for now while the output is limited to 30 KW it doesn’t mean that in the future there wont be more powerful laser weapons. And Lockheed Martin has plans to deliver a 60 KW laser by the end of the year.