Memphis Meat is growing Healthy Real Meat from Stem Cells

Imagine a future where you could eat meat but not hurt animals? Memphis Meats has successfully grown authentic tasting meat from animal stem cells.

The company has created beef, pork, and poultry that has all the same nutrients and flavor as store bought meat. The difference with the meat grown in a lab is that the company can control the amount of fat in the meat and provide the most nutrients, at the same time meat eaters can eat safe meat that isn’t tied to diseases, pathogens, or pumped with antibiotics. This meat is safer and healthier and world changing because no animals are harmed in the process.

Memphis Meat has been pushing the need for a solution to the inhumane process of providing meat to consumers. The company has been very vocal and have shown documentaries about the cruelties of livestock production. From overcrowding, slaughtering, and inhuman living conditions Memphis Meats has shown animals suffering, not only dying.

Aside from helping animals it also helps us humans. It takes a great deal of effort and resources to produce quality meat, which means hundreds of thousands of gallons of water being used to create edible meat. Synthetic meat isn’t reliant on that and since no animals are killed in the process there are benefits to the environment.