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Category: Clean Technology

Waymos autonomous minivan

Chrysler has finished 100 autonomous Pacifica minivans to join Googles Waymo fleet in 2017. The minivans use Waymos self driving rigs of hardware and software, as a partnership between Waymo […]

France to stop all coal power plants by 2023

France is shutting down all of its coal-fired power plants by 2023, announced by president Francois Hollande. At the annual UN climate change conference on Wednesday, president Francois Hollande announced […]

Meet Teslas Powerwall 2.0

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is not just an updated home battery, its part of a new ecosystem by Tesla Energy. Elon Musk introduced the Powerwall 2 after introducing Tesla’s new […]

Microsoft announces partnership with Adobe

Microsoft announced a major partnership with Adobe today at Ignite. The partnership focuses on Adobe delivering its cloud services on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft says Adobe will now make Azure its […]