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Category: Automation

Nissan develops self driving chair

Nissan is taking automation to a different level, instead of self driving cars they have developed self driving chairs. Nissan unveiled their automated chair, the ProPilot Chair, named after its […]

UPS Testing Drone Deliveries

UPS has started trials of deliveries using drones that deliver medical, emergency, items. UPS tested a delivery at Marblehead where a drone dropped a package at Children’s Island, running a […]

Autopilot update 8.0 moving forward

Elon Musk tweeted this morning saying that he is “hoping to start the rollout of 8.0 on Wednesday if no last minute issues discovered.” The biggest change in Autopilot is an increased reliance […]

Sanbot the latest humanoid robot

Qihan showed off its mesmerizing humanoid robot: the Sanbot at IFA 2016, Europe’s biggest tech show. Sanbot has flipper arms, a pair of wheels to move about, 3 cameras for […]

Olli and Watson a new way to travel

IBMs AI platform, Watson, is being integrated with Olli services. Olli is an electric-powered autonomous vehicle, minibus, that has the capacity to carry up 12 people. It was designed by Local […]

Google I/O What to expect

Google I/O is Google’s annual developer conference, a three day conference for developers mto get the latest update from Google on the newest innovations that the company has to offer. Last […]

India proposes Pod transportation system

India is preparing to roll out with its first personal rapid transit (PRT) network of pod taxis. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will install the network in Gurgaon-Delhi […]

China to begin tracking vehicles

China has begun tracking more than 200,000 cars for a new project to decrease crime and accidents from negligent drivers. The program will take place in Shenzhen. The Chinese government […]