NASA to track carbon levels using GeoCARB

NASA has plans to initiate a mission to understand greenhouse gasses and vegetation. The mission would launch a satellite, the Geostationary Carbon Cycle Observatory, that will provide real time measurements of gasses.

The satellite or also known as the GeoCARB is planned to orbit 22,000 miles above the Americas where it would calculate concentrations of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane. It would also monitor vegetation in the Americas to determine rate of growth, health, and stress.

NASA is funding the mission with $166 million over 5 years.

Amazon Go a new way to shop, without waiting in a line

Amazon unveiled a grocery store without checkout counters or lines. Amazon Go is a 1800 square foot retail space locatred in Seattle that lets shoppers grab items that they want and walk out with it, while the order gets charged to the shoppers Amazon account afterwards.

Amazon Go uses computer vision and sensors to detect the items that are taken. Shoppers scan an app as they enter the store, sensors identify the items in shoppers carts, and charges for items to the account.

Amazon Go will stock most items found in convenience stores such as snacks, drinks, bread, milk, and more. The store is open in beta to Amazon employees only. A public release is scheduled for early 2017.

France to stop all coal power plants by 2023

France is shutting down all of its coal-fired power plants by 2023, announced by president Francois Hollande.

At the annual UN climate change conference on Wednesday, president Francois Hollande announced to stop the use of fossil fuel by 2023.

President Hollande praised President Barack Obama saying  “The role played by Barack Obama was crucial in achieving the Paris agreement.” He went on to say “We need carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Many countries are planning to cut carbon emission and stop using fossil fuel. UK plans to stop using fossil fuel by 2025, Germany wants to cut greenhouse gas emission by 95% by 2050, and many others such as China are already progressing on cutting pollution levels.