Microsoft launches Teams Preview

Microsoft launches a video of Teams, their video conferencing and collaboration application, or as CEO Satya Nadella described it “a chat based workspace designed to facilitate real time collaboration while building up the institutional knowledge of a team.”

The application was designed to pull various tools together such as chat, a planner, meetings, and notes in order to create a single platform, or workspace. Chats are threaded to group conversations, Skype is integrated for voice and video calls, and the company has integrated Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Microsoft has also included emojis, stickers, custom memes, and GIFs. The top dashboard can be used to switch between different apps such as notes or BI.

Microsoft also displayed the T-Bot, which is a centralized help system with crawling capabilities.

The application will launch on Windows phone but also on various platforms such as iOS and Android. Built in security offers data encryption and compliance standards.

Teams is available only as a preview right now and will be next year.

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