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Team of researchers create a digital character using Joey Tribbiani from Friends

A team of researchers at the university of Leeds have done the unthinkable, they have created a chat bot or digital character of Joey Tribbiani from Friends.

The team, James Charles, Derek Magee, and Dave Hogg from Leeds University computer science department in the UK, is building a series of algorithms that are able to understand and track individual body language, facial expressions, voice, and characteristics. A machine learning tool is used to understand how the character forms sentences by reading the show’s script as shown by Prosthetic Knowledge.

While the chat bot is not highly advanced, with some major differences that set it apart from the actual character, this has lead to an interesting concept for future chat bots and AI. Advancement in this technology could lead to chat bots and AIs that have similar, almost identical, characteristics and voices of people, whether fictional or real.

In a paper published by the team, they have said that “We plan to improve the rendering of the avatar and extend our model to include interaction with real people and also between avatars.”


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