Nissan develops self driving chair

Nissan is taking automation to a different level, instead of self driving cars they have developed self driving chairs. Nissan unveiled their automated chair, the ProPilot Chair, named after its autonomous driving technology.

ProPilot uses the same technology that is in the Nissan Serena minivan, a semi autonomous vehicle that maintains a safe distance between cars and helps keep the vehicle in the middle of a lane. Nissan visions upgraded the technology by the 2020s to be able to drive in crowded city centers.

The chairs come equipped with sensors that allow each chair to detect and follow in line to the front. Empty chairs automatically move themselves to the back of the line. Other applications would be conference room chairs that move to allow seating and tucking in under the table once unused.

Nissan will begin testing the chairs in Japan 2017. These chairs will be installed in select restaurants.

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