Urban Crops aims to grow up with vertical farms

Urban Crops, founded by Maarten Vandecruys, has set out a goal to creating an efficient and sustainable farming environment that allows food to be grown in any climate and any location around the world.

Urban Crops developed their own demonstration factory to show their capabilities in growing food using a vertical system, a new trend used by many startups. The factory has 8 cultivation layers and is built as a climate chamber with a closed controllable environment. A robot has access to crates that hold the crops.

Each layer has 4 rows of crates with 10 crops per crate and the factory can hold 448 creates. In the near future a system can be built with up to 25 layers.

In the future we may see many of these systems that may be able to produce hundreds of thousands of crops per day to be able to feed our ever growing population.

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