The Founder of Atari launches new VR company called Modal VR

Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, is launching a new virtual reality company called Modal VR.

Modal VR was developed by Jason Crawford, who serves as the company’s chief executive. It uses standing senors that follow and record movement, and a full-body tracking suit that tracks body movement with 10 milliseconds of latency and accommodates areas as large as 900,000 square feet. Modal is completely wireless and can work with multiple users. The company aims to create a fully immersive virtual experience.

The downside is that the platform isn’t available for consumers. That means consumers may use the platform provided from other business, much like arcades. This makes sense because of Busnells past when he started Chuck E. Cheese, a place for kids to place games.

Businesses could also create custom VR apps that may be used to see life size models of objects. The technology is still in the prototype stage and will start shipping a beta developers kit in the near future.

As of now the VR isn’t priced, but may not be cheap enough for consumers to buy.

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