At TechCrunch Disrupt SF hacker George Hotz unveiled the Comma One, the first official product of his automotive AI company, The Comma One isn’t a vehicle, its an add on that’s installed into vehicles. It sells for $999 with a $24 month software subscription.

The Comma One is similar to Tesla’s autopilot. Its a system that doesn’t fully automotive vehicles simply had features that allow for near automation. During his speech at Disrupt Hotz stated that the Comma One would allow vehicles to drive from Mountain View to San Francisco without touching the wheel.

It doesn’t have many sensors because it relies on the built in car front radars. Though Hotz stated that the Comma One does come with a camera, which would allow video capture. We’re actually getting back the video, even Tesla isn’t doing that,” Hotz said. “We have all the video data.”

Hotz stated that they will try to ship the product before the end of this year and will only be sold in limited quantities.