Catalyst E2 Bus can travel 350 miles on a single charge

Proterra has developed an electric bus that can travel between 194 and 350 miles on one charge.

Proterra is a leading North American manufacturer and aiming for the bus to be released in 2017. The company developed the Catalyst E2 that managed 600 miles on a single charge during testing. The E2 has a battery that can range between 440 and 660 kWH and according to Wired the battery is the size of a twin mattress. The bus also uses regenerative breaking to capture kinetic energy to be used later.

Teslas Model S gets about 315 miles per charge and while personal electric vehicles are great, an electric solution is needed for public transportation. According to Wired, Foothill Transit, Philadelphia, and other cities have already purchased from Proterra so there will definitely be an increase in electric buses in the future. Electric buses maybe more affordable in the long run and safer for the environment. Some cities quality for pro-electrification local and federal subsidies that can help ease the cost of the buses.


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