Sanbot the latest humanoid robot

Qihan showed off its mesmerizing humanoid robot: the Sanbot at IFA 2016, Europe’s biggest tech show.

Sanbot has flipper arms, a pair of wheels to move about, 3 cameras for security, a 3D camera for spatial awareness, and a HD camera, a touchscreen tablet, and infrared sensors. the back of its head has a built in HD projector and its torso houses speaker grilles and a sub-woofer. It can also recognize faces and voices. It even knows when its time to recharge. The Sanbot can be controlled using an Android or iOS app. It appears to be a personable humanoid, it looks friendly, obviously cute, and harmless.

It has many uses for the home, shops, hospitals, schools, and many other places. It was made to meet human needs, which there are many. For example the Sanbot at the Shenzhen airport in China, which provides passengers with flight information. Whats unique is that the company allows for developers and companies to use publicly available tools to create new roles for the humanoid.

Its maker Qihan, is known for home surveillance. According to the company the Sanbot has been stationed at various places around China such as airports. The humanoid costs around $6,000 (45,000 yuan), which is astonishingly cheap. The company has reportedly shipped around 30,000 of these little humanoids.

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