Lenovos new Yoga Book: Fascinating and Innovative

Lenovo has always been very innovative and this year the company showed off the Yoga Book, what we may call a next gen tablet.

The Yoga Book has two panels attached by a hinge, no keyboard, no touch pad. Now your thinking if its a tablet why are there two panels? Lenovo thought from a different perspective, one which many of us expected for tablets long ago. The ability to not only write on the tablet but also have a functioning keyboard and be able to switch between the two.


Lenovo Yoga Book

The Yoga Books second panel, the touch panel, has an integrated keyboard and track pad, so essentially it doubles as a writing pad and keyboard. Though this might be off putting for those that don’t prefer to use the touch keyboards, its something many having been looking forward to.


Lenovo Yoga Book

The touch panel also gives the ability for users to place a notepad or paper on top of the panel and write notes with a real ink pen and have a digitized version ready to use on the tablet. The tablet also has adaptive typing that learns as you type.

The company has said that the device is primarily targeted for college students that would need the note taking or drawing functionality. The device will come in both Android and Windows and will run at $499, with the Microsoft version expected to be a bit higher.

Its definitely innovative or in a sense its something that many would have thought would already be available in the market, a connection between the physical and the digital.



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