Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard

Microsoft has come out with an upgraded predictive keyboard app called Word Flow. The app has been available with its initial launch on iOS earlier this spring, though the latest version offers more than intelligent word suggestions and support for one-handed typing. The latest release offers information from the Bing search engine that allows users to look up information on restaurants, news, video, GIFs, and more. GIFs.png

Word Flow started on Windows smartphone and desktop platforms. The app integrated the ability to text via swipe and giving users suggested words to tap on. Its strength though focused on its one-handed typing, which displayed a unique wheel like interface that is accessible from one side of the screen.

Bing ResultsIts 2.0 version of the app now includes support for Bing, GIF, and emoji searches. This was a reaction to Googles Gboard app, which integrated the Google search engine into the keyboard. The update allows users to look up information on the web such as news and weather, and can access the address book to find contacts more easily.

Users can download Microsoft’s Word Flow for free.

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