Microsoft tests management app called Project Sonoma

Microsoft recently launched a new productivity app called Project Sonoma, which not a lot of people know about.

The company hasn’t made any official announcement about Project Sonoma and quietly released the app on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The app is available to download and install, however it is not publicly available. Instead you will see that its currently in a “Private Preview.”

Project Sonoma looks to mainly be used for collaboration and management, though previews show an emphasis put on its team chat. In the apps main screen users will see My Shifts, Requests, and Messages. My Shits allows employees to track their work schedules or shifts. Requests allows employees to ask for schedule changes or swap shifts with other employees. Lastly, Messages offers team chat for employees where they can receive messages or notifications from their managers or chat with other employees.

Not much else is known about the app and Microsoft hasn’t been very vocal about it either. There’s a Project Sonoma website, though it offers no information about the app, aside from allowing users to sign up and join the wait-list.

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