Android Nougat officially launched today

Google has launched Android N (Nougat), it’s out of beta, and is available for Nexus devices (Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player), the Pixel C tablet and gradually everyone else with an android. Whether or not you had opted into the beta version, users should start to see update notices in the coming weeks. That’s right, it will take a few weeks for everyone to get in on Android N.

Android N beta was launched in March, early this year, which was a surprise for many. The announcement by Google and the beta came hand in hand. Users flocked to installed the beta to test out the latest Android and Google delivered with many rich features and bugs. I had personally used the beta for a few months but had to un-enroll due to bugs that may not have been critical to other users except for myself. The beta itself was worth installing so this final release will have some changes and fixes for optimized use. Google has stated that Nougat will introduce 250 new features, though many may go by unnoticed.

Some new features users will see are changes in the notifications that comes with a new look and the ability to take action such as responding to messages straight from the notification. Nougat also now groups notifications together from the same app for example all Gmail notifications will be grouped together, messages will be grouped together by the specific app. The Quick Settings widget has also been redesigned and users will now be able to move apps around without having to enable developer mode.

MultiTasking.pngOne of the most useful features is the ability to multitask and have 2 apps open at the same time. Users can hold Overview button (the square on the bottom right of the screen) and Android will give the option to select a new app to fit onto the screen. Depending on the phones orientation the apps will be stacked vertically or split horizontally.

Another useful feature is the ability to switch recently used apps by double-tapping the Overview button (again bottom right square).

Nougat promises that devices will boot faster along with faster OS updates. Nougat also promises to improve battery life using Doze mode, which, for Marshmallow, puts your phone into sleep mode when the device is put down or is not moved in a while. For Nougat Doze will work even if the phones moving and will put the phone to sleep if it has not been used in a while. I predict this will be helpful for those users that do not constantly use their phones.

Nougat also has a Data Saver mode that can reduce the amount of background data apps use. Apps will be restricted from downloading large amounts of data, however,  notifications will still be allowed. Daydream, Googles virtual reality platform, will be introduced in Nougat.

There are a lot of new features coming to Android Nougat, again users will likely have to wait to update, though it will definitely be an interesting experience. As of now Nougat looks promising but again users wont know until actually trying it out.

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