Google is creating a new OS called Fuchsia

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations that Google is working on a new OS named Fuchsia. Currently there’s a pile of code in Google’s code depository and on Github, which points to a new OS with interesting features.

The OS doesn’t seem to use the Linux Kernel, which is used on both Android and Chrome OS. So this seems to be a new start for Google. The OS is built on Magenta, which comes from a project called LittleKernal that is designed in embedded systems such as digital watches other IoT devices. The current code points to it being capable of running on smartphones, tablets, PCs, embedded devices, and even on dash systems for cars.

Christopher Anderson and Brian Swetland are listed as developers on Fuchsia’s GitHub page, they are both experts on embedded systems. Anderson worked on Google’s Android TV and Swetland is a senior software engineer at the company.

Since the new OS uses Magenta there are some interesting features involved such as user modes and “capability-based security model.” The way the company is going about the development of the project by putting it on GitHub is also quite interesting and Swetland reportedly said: “The decision was made to build it open source, so might as well start there from the beginning.”

It’s not quite clear where the project is heading, though some clues point to a more universal OS, which might replace Android and Chrome OS. The OS will be available on the Raspeberry Pi 3, according to Travis Geislebrecht, a project member.

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