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Month: August 2016

Microsoft Flow for Android

Microsoft Flow, a workflow management tool, has launched on Android. Flow debuted in April on the web and to iOS. It came about as an interface that lets users integrate […]

Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard

Microsoft has come out with an upgraded predictive keyboard app called Word Flow. The app has been available with its initial launch on iOS earlier this spring, though the latest […]

Dexta Robotics’ exoskeleton hand the Dexmo

Dexta Robotics is developing next gen technology to allow users to interactive within VR worlds. The company working on an exoskeleton glove called the Dexmo.  The technology enables users to […]

Google to begin phasing out Chrome apps

Google recently noted in a blog post today that Chrome apps is effectively user-less, as active usage numbers were low. After 3 years the company will begin to phase out […]

Google launches Duo video calling app

Google has launched its anticipated video calling app Duo. Duo was announced at Google I/O in May and has rolled out on Android and iOS 9, worldwide.  Duo works by […]

ISS to test interplanetary communications system

ISS (International Space Station) has installed a new technology known as the Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking, which may allow the creation of internet in space. The DTN was recently installed onto […]