IntelligentX brews beers using AI

Love AI and beer? IntelligentX Brewing Company does. The brewery has taken to using an AI to perfect its recipes.

IntelligentX Brewing Company is a partnership between Intelligent Layer, a machine learning company, and creative agency 10X. The two companies have created algorithms to process customer feedback in an effort to improve their beers.

The AI is hidden behind a Facebook Messenger bot that asks a series of questions about beer. Questions can be giving ratings between 1 to 10, yes or no, and multiple choice responses. The responses are then taken and used to enhance taste and preference of beers over time. Codes are printed on to the bottles, which direct drinkers to the bot. The AI uses reinforcement learning to enhance the way it asks questions and to get better answers in the future for more insight. This also allows consumers to in a way step into the kitchen and work with the chef to enhance the product, or in this case the beers.

 IntelligentX says its beers Golden, Amber, Pale and Black have changed about 11 times during a 12 month trial period.

This system can also be used to identify trends in beer and when to offer the best beer, since trends can change erratically this is an ingenious way to track them.


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