Google to buy Moodstocks, a company that can make your smartphone see

Google announced a deal to buy a French startup called Moodstocks, which creates technology that can allow smartphones to recognize what they are looking at.

Moodstocks has been working on this technology to allow smartphones to be more versatile when taking images of objects or people and having the ability to recognize various objects, essentially as if giving smartphones eyes. The company also works with machine learning, which Google has heavily integrated with its services.

“There’s a lot more to be done to improve machine vision,” Google France tech site lead Vincent Simonet said in a blog post.

Google hopes to integrate Moodstocks technology into its AI development. The company’s research and development center in Paris will work with a team from Moodstocks.

Its interesting to see how far this technology will take Googles services and products. Google announced at their annual developers conference in May, a virtual home assistant called Google Home, a competitor of Amazon Echo. With Google Home being thought of as a next gen assistant, this kind of technology may help devices differentiate between objects and even learn and grow to offer more accommodated services.

We’ll also undoubtedly see this technology in smartphones in the near future. This may be included in the next Android OS and give smartphones more functionality and features, and make them smarter. The bigger question is will this technology be included in the self driving cars Google is developing? Image recognition could do wonders for self driving cars. Instead of just sensors, cars will be able to themselves differentiate between different objects such as stop signs, people, animals, cars, bicycles, and various others.

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