Lenovo’s making flexible phones and tablets

Lenovo’s Tech World 2016 event showed much promise of upcoming tech, one of which is sure to change the way we interact with devices. Lenovo teased flexible phones that can bend around your wrist and tablets that fold in half.

The CPlus is an android smartphone that bends and snaps around the wrist, much like a bracelet and may be fully functional in that state. YouTube star Meghan McCarthy showed a demo of the phone and the tablet during the event. In the demo of the smartphone the screen was very much alive. So it may have certain available functionality much like a smart watch.


Lenovo Media Kit

The Folio is the company’s tablet that folds outward, which is not the traditional model, this is because it allows the user to be able to use the full screen and given them two screens when folded. The tablet can also be used as a phone when folded.


The devices are not available yet, far from it. Aside from creating or working around hardware flexibility, there are many kinks that would need to be solved, and maybe new technologies to be created. The devices were samples of what could be available in the future. Samsung is also working on flexible devices though there haven’t been functional prototypes.

These prototypes do show the promise of flexible devices and in a few years we might see near functional devices.

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