iMessage Apps have launched for third-party devs

Apple is opening many things to developers such as Siri and now messages.

With iMessage apps, users can open an app drawer from within the messages app and interact with other users and apps at the same time.

Gifs such as Micky Mouse, paying friends through Messages with Square Pay, ordering food from Door Dash, and more will now be available.

Users can now also send rich links, with music and videos that play directly from conversations. This will also include emoji’s, allowing users to transform or accompany words with related emoji.

Users can also use bubble animations for their messages, examples given were gentle messages to surprise messages. Users can send messages that allow a hidden option, so when recipients see the message they have to swipe to reveal the message.

Apple also announced updates to QuickType that will be able to understand when users are asked for contact info and will offer suggestions to send them. The keyboard can understand when someone asks about you for example where you are and send them a location on maps.

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