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Month: June 2016

Smacc deploys AI to automate accounting

Smacc, an accounting and financial platform, has taken to using an AI to automate accounting. The company, founded by Uli Erxleben, Janosch Novak, and Stefan Korsch, takes receipts submitted by […]

OpenSource AI

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence non profit, is working on a physical robot for household chores. OpenAI has a funding of $1bn with with backing by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, […]

Olli and Watson a new way to travel

IBMs AI platform, Watson, is being integrated with Olli services. Olli is an electric-powered autonomous vehicle, minibus, that has the capacity to carry up 12 people. It was designed by Local […]

Apple takes a different approach to privacy

On Monday Apple displayed many new features surrounding its products though one feature showed just how much Apple has improved when it comes to privacy. Apple announced their use of […]

Apple Music gets a needed upgrade

Apple has launched a new version of Apple Music, which badly needed an update. Apple says this new version was built “from the ground up” with simplicity in mind. The […]

Memories with Apple iOS 10

Apple introduces “memories” for iOS 10, that allows users to take photos and convert them to short movies. Using local, on-device facial recognition and AI detection within images, Memories combines […]