Google is making chatbots with human level speech abilities.

Google is known to work on innovative, futuristic, technology. AI is on of them, though one of their AI projects is more chatty.

At a Singularity conference engineers from Google revealed that they have been working on chatbots. Ray Kurzweil, a computer scientist and futurist, and his team announced that these chatbots will be released later this year.

“That’s very relevant to what I’m doing at Google,” Kurzweil said in the interview. “My team, among other things, is working on chatbots. We expect to release some chatbots you can talk to later this year.”

These chatbots will be human like robots that can converse with you much like a human would. One of the chatbots named Danielle has its speech tailored after a books character. Kurzweil said people could make their own unique chatbot by feeding it samples of writing, this would allow bots to have different types of personalities.

He did go on to say that it would take some time for bots to have human level language abilities, so these bots might not work the way you would want them to, atleast for now. Kurzweil states we’ll have to wait till 2029 when AI will be able to pass the Turing test, which would make them indistinguishable from real people.

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