Futursitic Bus: Chinas Solution to its traffic nightmare

China has an estimated population of 1.3 billion so its no surprise that its car ownership in soaring at a fast rate. With more cars on the road traffic and pollution have become worse, in some cases nightmares. A response to this situation is the straddling bus.

Show cased at the 19th International High-Tech Expo in Beijing, the bus is unique due to its elevation and ability to allow cars to be able to drive right under it. The bus would span two traffic lanes and carry up to 1,400 passengers. It would travel up to 40 miles an hour above street level on a specialized track, allowing cars under 7 feet high to pass through below its belly. This would help relieve traffic congestion and replace public transportation modes.

The bus also runs on electricity and due to its high passenger limit would be able to replace approximately 40 buses. This cuts fuel consumption and more importantly cuts carbon emissions by 2,500 tons. Transit Explore Bus, a Beijing-based company,  is currently building a test model in Changzhou and with initial tests taking place sometime this summer.

The idea was inspired by architects in 1969, Craig Hodgetts and Lester Walker. It was made to travel between Boston and Washington D.C and therefore it was called the Bos-Wash Landliner, though the idea never hit solid ground, it has inspired a similar creation generations later. It could help China not only help with traffic problems but more importantly its pollution crises. The country has been seeking solutions to combat its high pollution levels.


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