‘Pilot’ the Solution to Near Real Time Language Translation

Ever become frustrated when having to talk to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you or even if they do they have a different dialect or way  of speaking. Language barriers can be a nightmare especially if your in a new country where you don’t speak their language. Though in the near future you might not have to worry anymore as a new earpiece technology called ‘Pilot’ can translate languages near real time.

Three ColorsThe earpiece consists of two small Bluetooth earbuds and a smartphone app, each speaker gets one earpiece and allows two people speaking in different languages to converse with each other. The app translates the language and sends it to the earpiece. The earpieces can also be used to listen to music, for those that want more functionality than just eliminating the bridge between languages.

The technology has been developed by Waverly Labs based in New York. The Pilot will support English, Hindi, French, and Italian, with more languages becoming available with newer versions.

There is no official launch date but there seems to be a target to ship the technology in spring of 2017. The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, which will allow pre-ordering and will come with the main translation unit, a second unit for music streaming, a portable battery charger, and an app that changes the languages the earpiece translates. The selling price is planned to be at $299.

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