Hyundai’s newest Exoskeleton

Hyundai has created a wearable exoskeleton that could be used to help the wearer lift incredibly heavy objects.

In a blog post from the company, the “wearable robot” is compared to the all famous Iron Man Suit, but don’t rush into conclusions you can’t fly nor can you shoot energy blasts from your palms. The exoskeleton is in development from Hyundai’s H-LEX platform (Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton), which it announced last year. The exoskeleton is made for various uses. It can help workers, military personnel, and can be used for physical rehabilitation. It can lift up to 110 pounds over long distances allowing for better handling of heavy objects and reduces risk of injuries.

The company has also made a lightweight version to help seniors, the handicapped, and paraplegics. This model comes with a mechanical spine and legs that are strapped to the user. These projects are part of Hyundai’s “Next Mobility” system

Hyundai is not the only company working on robotic exoskeletons. Panasonic, Audi, and BMW are among the many companies that are working on exoskeletons.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more Iron man like, there’s also Megabots.

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