Microsoft has released the latest Version of SharePoint on premise! SharePoint 2016

Microsoft has released the latest version of SharePoint on premise: SharePoint 2016 and like all new things there will new features, functionality, and other changes that you might want to know. So lets go through some changes with SharePoint 2016.

With the new UI you can see a reflection of Office 365 and it’s purposefully done that to merge both environments.



There are User, System, and Security Improvements


Hybrid integration is the biggest update to SharePoint. Now you can utilize cloud features such as One Drive for business and Delve (Which will be available for SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013). In addition you can now create a server to server connection to create a single environment for users and take advantage of Hybrid connections such as SharePoint Hybrid Sites, which makes it easier for users to follow their SharePoint on premise and SharePoint Online sites by creating a central location for followed sites.

Microsoft has invested in HTML5 to help users better access their SharePoint sites via smartphone. There’s a lot of improvement in creating a new touch friendly interface and device specific targeting of content personalization.

There’s also an update in SharePoint configuration with the newly introduced MinRoles. Through MinRoles you choose a specific role for your servers: Front-End, Application, Distributed Cache, and Search, with the option for custom and Single-Server Farm.

Migration is only possible from SharePoint 2013, enhancements in compliance, and limitations, there is alot to discuss about SharePoint 2016. Check out this webinar: Discover SharePoint 2016 to understand the changes with SharePoint 2016.


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