Google files patent for computerized eye lenses

Google has patented a new technology that could replace smart glasses with smart lenses that are directly injected int your eyeballs.

The company released Google Glass in 2013 for select “explorers” and publicly in 2014. Though what followed wasn’t what was imagined. There were very critical and negative views about the product and even leading to legislative actions for privacy concerns, with many organizations banning users from wearing the product in their establishment. Even with all the negative reactions Google came out with an updated product in 2015 and now have taken a step further.

Google has stated in its patent application, it would remove the lens of your eye, replace that empty space with a fluid, and then place an electronic lens in the fluid. It might seem very painful and obstructing though with this enhancement you wouldn’t need to wear glasses or worry about loss of vision.

The company has said these new lenses could be used to cure age-related conditions such as presbyopia, which stiffens people’s eyes and overtime their ability to focus decreases or is even lost.

As with Google Glass and its massive privacy issues, the company has stated that there could be privacy concerns with the lenses. The lenses transmit data, which could be used by outside sources such as hackers or authorities to track your whereabouts, but not only that if the lenses take in data of what you are seeing then potentially that private data could get into the wrong hands. Google has stated that it could make the lenses take out personal information.

Though this seems like a logical or a next step for Google Glass, the company has not stated that it is working on a public product. Therefore, we might not even see technology like this for a very long time or at all. This is, however, the next step in bridging the gap between nature and technology. In an essence this technology might be more prominent and could replace handheld technology all together in the future. We are in an era of discovery and that’s the best part we get to be a part of emerging technology and Google is a company that is always pushing the limits and boundaries.

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