Chinese company develops Graphene e-Paper

A Chinese company, Guangzhou OED technologies, has created a graphene electronic paper, which would revolution screen displays for smartphones and e-readers.

Graphene electronic paper is the world’s lightest and strongest material, it comes at 0.335 nano-meters thick, and can be used to create hard or flexible graphene displays. It has the ability to conduct heat and electricity, and it could be able to enhance optical displays.

Graphene is made by tightly packing a layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice, in essence its a very thin layer of pure carbon. It was discovered in 2004 and has become heavily used in many industries. The material is also very durable, its 150 times stronger then steel and very flexible.

This new breakthrough in graphene technology may be used to create better displays for smartphone touchscreens and e-readers. And since they are made from carbon the displays may be cost-effective as traditional e-paper is made from the rare metal indium. These screens might be able to allow for displays that could be folded and manipulated for various uses.

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