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Month: May 2016

Raspberry Pi gets Android OS Support

Raspberry Pi has been one of the greatest inventions of our time for users who want to learn about computing, programming, coding, and just about everything else related to computers. […]

Robot Usher: a new breed of robot

Robots are becoming more and more of a viable option for many organizations. The latest variant of robot was introduced at the Sydney Opera House during its TEDx event. The […]

The newest features in Android N

The beta for the latest version of Android has been released and here are some of the biggest changes. Multitasking Androids lack of multitasking has been an annoyance considering other […]

Daydream: Google’s new VR headset

We’ve all heard of Google Cardboard, the cheap and affordable solution to virtual reality, though compared to the powerhouses such as Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, it really falls […]

Instant Apps for Android by Google

Mobile apps have become a part of the user experience culture, there’s almost an app for everything and anything. Though to get the apps you have to search them, download […]

Google I/O What to expect

Google I/O is Google’s annual developer conference, a three day conference for developers mto get the latest update from Google on the newest innovations that the company has to offer. Last […]

Google might be making a high end VR

Virtual Reality is becoming a thing of the present with many companies including tech giants Microsoft and Facebook coming out with their virtual reality devices. Google also jumped into this […]

Hyundai’s newest Exoskeleton

Hyundai has created a wearable exoskeleton that could be used to help the wearer lift incredibly heavy objects. In a blog post from the company, the “wearable robot” is compared […]

Hyperloop One successfully tested its electromagnetic transport system and it looks promising. The company, Hyperloop One, is one of a few companies developing the Hyperloop technology, conceived by Elon Musk. […]