Microsoft Build the future of AI

You might think an event for developers would be mostly boring. These developer events have gone from dazing to incredibly interesting futuristic spectacles and as the technology advances so do these events. Microsoft Build is one of the biggest developer events, though you might be surprised what they actually have in store for you to see and we’re actually going to do just that. Lets cover one of the most interesting developments: Artificial Intelligence.


Hold you horses, you’re thinking first we’ll see Cortana, no Windows 10, no HoloLens, but there’s so much more that Microsoft is doing. Microsoft is really pushing software as constantly stated at the event. The first major update is bots! Microsoft is working to be at the heart of computing, through their intelligent bots. They respond through words to provide you with assistance, no lets not think of Tay, which did not have a great start or end. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said “We want to build technology so it gets the best of humanity, not the worst. We quickly realized it was not up to this mark. So we’re back to the drawing board.” But it did show that bots can learn from humans, granted some very nasty ones. Nadella laid out the bots for everyone with the human language being the UI layer, bots being new apps, which might make them more responsive, and digital assistants being labeled as the new “meta apps.” When we think of digital assistants we think of Cortana, which is a really well done assistant. But Microsoft isn’t stopping at Cortana. Cortana is more of a central, disconnected, AI but now Microsoft is looking at popular services such as Skype to integrate with Cortana and other intelligent bots so for example Cortana can order your food for you. During the demo a bot from Cups and Cakes requests an address for delivery, using Cortana as the mediator the bot was able to obtain location and arrival time which was then forwarded to the user. The most interesting and maybe a bit intrusive, up to you, was when Cortana suggested the user to talk to a friend who was nearby and even came up with an automatic message.

Having integrated intelligent bots would allow for apps to communicate with each other. They run this through the Cortana Intelligence Suite. In past where you had seamless connectivity with your apps, to sky drive, and to many of devices, you did not have a connection between your apps. This would solve this issue. They used a unique take on intelligent bots by creating a Domino’s Pizza bot that can work with various apps and supports natural language.

Cortana is getting an addition or more connectivity, with your Xbox. Cortana will integrate with your Xbox and help you with your searches and provide you with tips, making your Xbox usage more seamless and easier. She’s also getting an update with the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10, where she will be able to identify what you were working on in the past, which places you visited, and help you make calendar appointments through emails and texts. This is something that Google Now does, where it gathers data and provides you with relevant information using various sources such as search history.

These new bots and network of connectivity will change the way users use apps and improve convenience of apps.