Edible spoons a replacement for plastic utensils

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental disasters to have happened and to have been directly caused by humans, ever hear of the great pacific garbage patch? A researcher and agriculture consultant in Hyderabad, India, understood the problem of plastic waste and in response has created something that may look insignificant but will have an incredibility positive impact in the country. Narayana Peesapaty has developed an edible spoon.

In 2010 Peesapaty developed a spoon made of millet, rice, and wheat flours that is both edible and degradable and he’s sold 1.5 million of them. He opened up a kickstarter campaign through his baking company Bakeys, aimed at raising $20,000 and instead raising $64,000 in nine days. This funding will help the company expand its product line and improve production, their goal is to make these spoons as cheaper or even cheaper than plastic.

The spoons comes in a variety of flavors from cumin, black pepper, mint ginger, ginger cinnamon, to sugar. They have a shelf life of two to three years, last 20 minutes in hot liquid, and degrade in four to five days after use.

The company is working on a facility with a goal of producing 800,000 spoons a day and are coming up with other utensils.

“Our ambitions stretch far beyond the realm of edible spoons. Currently, we have molds to produce chopsticks, dessert spoons, and forks,” stated on their kickstarter page. “Our plan is to expand into cups, plates, and many more traditional disposable tableware. Our goal is to create and expand into a whole new line.”

Peesapaty is looking at various ways to make the product cheaper, one way is to go to the farmers directly and motivate them to produce more millet and less water hungry rice.

“Plastic is very cheap, true. But I can make it as cheap.I can with volumes, and once I get the volumes, I get on to the farmers directly and start procuring raw material directly from the farmers, in which case my spoons will be as cheap as the plastic spoons,” Said Peesapaty.

We’re very reliant on plastic, many times we don’t think of the negative impact that it has on the environment or even to humans. While technology has had an incredible growth, innovative solutions like this is whats needed right now.

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