OLO the $99 3D Printer

3D printers are one of those exciting, innovative, futuristic devices that you want but costs more than you can afford and can be over sized, until now. OLO is the compact, affordable, 3D printer that you can buy for $99.

OLO is particularly different because it connects to your smartphone to build the 3D objects. It uses materials called Daylight Resins, that harden from the light of a smartphone screen. It uses an app to load the object and the smartphone light to print upon with the phone being placed under the polarized glass located at the base of the device.

The OLO uses a photo-polymer resin which is poured into the device, a reservoir, and a mechanized lid with the build plate. The polarized glass at the base takes the light from the smartphone and redirects it upward since smartphone light shines outward. This light makes the pattern of the object you want to print and once the light hits the reservoir it causes a the resin to harden layer by layer. This is ingenious because it cuts the expense of having to buy a more expensive light projector. The downside is the time it takes to print meaning your phone wont be available for a few hours. A simple solution would be to print your object at night. 04.jpg

This new type of 3D printer might not be the best around or have the most power, but for its price and intended use its in its own class and it definitely can have the influence and affordability to allow for a broad spectrum of users to get their hands on the technology.

The device is available at their kickstarter campaign page, though you might want to hurry.

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