India proposes Pod transportation system

India is preparing to roll out with its first personal rapid transit (PRT) network of pod taxis. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will install the network in Gurgaon-Delhi to Badshapur Mod, and the project will be called the Metrino.

The project uses pods that are suspended on overhead rails, seating up to 5 passengers. The pods are all automated and whiz between docking stations at 60 kmph (37 mph). There are 16 planned stations and currently the project is undergoing investments and bids. The NHAI have stated that the network will be built in a year once a contract has been acquired.

This type of system has been proposed in the past between the Punjab and Haryana governments though it fell through. The project will cost RS 850 crore (estimated $126 million) and is said to be fully paid off within 25 years after its up and running.

India is putting a lot of work into infrastructure, fixing roads, and building highways. This new initiative shows the new Modi government is thinking about new technology and innovative means to finding the best solutions. For now we will have to wait and see if this proposal goes through and finds a company to back it.



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