China to begin tracking vehicles

China has begun tracking more than 200,000 cars for a new project to decrease crime and accidents from negligent drivers. The program will take place in Shenzhen.

The Chinese government have partnered with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASC).The CASC develops and manufactures technology such as spacecraft and launch vehicles, it is also China’s space programs main contractor

The program will issue IDs to 8 types of vehicles such as school buses and heavy trucks. These trackers would allow China to gather massive amounts of data to see driving patterns, traffic patterns, and allow vehicles to essentially communicate with other vehicles on the road in real time. The trackers use radio frequency identification through electronic markers to monitor activity.

This type of technology could, however, infringe on citizens privacy, if this program is successful enough to be used across the country. China’s developing at an incredibly fast rate and their race in technological innovation is at a match, which could be used to solve the country’s many problems its facing because of that growth, not to mention the various illegal activities that take place.


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