Deep Optics has made Omnifocal glasses that can adjust focus real time

Deep Optics, an Israeli company, has created a new type of high-tech glasses lens called “omnifocals” that can change the optical power to allow the wearer to see if they lose their natural focusing ability, if you need multifocal vision correction your one of them.

Deep Optics lenses add a layer of transparent liquid crystal which is then manipulated using an electric current. This liquid crystal changes the prescription of the glasses based on the relative distance of what the wearer is focusing on using sensors that track the pupils. It does this by  adjusting the refractive index of the lens, which changes how the lens bends light passing through it. A processing unit tracks changes in the distance of pupils and between the centers of both pupils, which indicate the depth of what the viewer is focusing on and can calculate the distance of the object(s).

The company recently raised US$4 Million in a Series A funding with investments from Essilor, French eyeglasses company, Atomic 14 Ventures, based in Taiwan, and several others. In 2015 Deep Optics was named the most promising start up at the sixth annual Israel Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition (IMVC).

Deep Optics is also looking into other applications of this technology including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The promise of natural and seamless vision is enticing though this technology won’t be available for some time, though we do know now that its possible.

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