The first ever unmanned store is being implemented in Sweden

Sweden is about to begin testing a store without any personnel.

The idea, Naraffar, was introduced by Robert Ilijason and will make the store automated. Goods can be bought using an app to scan items and payment is made through an invoice. Customers have to be members with a requirement of providing a credit report.

The likely hood of this new store working is in the air. Many stores use kiosks for customers to use to buy their without waiting in line to be serviced by a human. In many cases these kiosks offer faster checkout times and less time spent in line.  However, computers and programs are in certain situations unable to provide solutions or the kind of customer service that humans can.

What also needs to be taken into account is the size of the store. Large stores might find a problem with storage, transportation, and service. Since this is a test, it might be a smaller store.

This trend of automation is growing. More and more companies are integrating robots, programs, and low level AI to manage many jobs and services. Though there are many questions such as how will this effect the local economy?

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