Atlas, the humanoid robot

We always get to see fully functional robots in movies and TV shows that make the notion of humanoid robots more of a fantasy rather than a future reality. Today we begin to see a bridge from the present to the future of robotics. Boston Dynamics has refined its humanoid Atlas robot, which is quite phenomenal.

Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots that take on the characteristics of living things such as dogs and humans. It gained enormous popularity through “Spot”, its robotic dog, that’s able to handle itself on various terrain and capable of

SOURCE| Boston Dynamics YouTube

Its newest model of Atlas, the humanoid robot, shows just how close we are to creating advanced humanoids. It’s 5 feet 9 inches, weighs around 190 lbs, the last model weighed 330 lbs and was 6 feet tall.

Boston Dyanimcs recently released a video showing what the robot is capable of. Its able to handle itself indoors and outdoors, using a wide array of sensors, LIDAR, and stereo sensors giving it the ability to walk, balance itself, avoid obstacles, and navigate itself around diverse terrain.

In the video, linked below for you to see, shows how advanced the robot is. The man vs the robot, probably not a wise idea, but you get to see the enormous progress that has been made. It won’t be too long before we start to see more advanced versions and then maybe we’ll be wishing that humanoid robots were a thing of fantasy.

SOURCE| Boston Dynamics YouTube

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