Google’s Project Skybender wants to deliver 5G internet using solar powered drones

Remember Project Loon? Its a project, part of Google Access, that aims to give internet to areas around the world that do not have internet using balloons that float near space. Now, according to a report from The Guardian, Google has a new project called Project Skybender, no not Airbender.

Project Skybender plans to use solar drones to deliver 5G internet. Currently Google is testing in New Mexico with a goal of delivering 5G incredibly fast internet connection around the world. The company is using a Centaur Optionally Piloted Aircraft and a solar powered Titan Drone made by Titan Aerospace for testing. They are also reportedly renting Virgin Galactic hangers and paying $300,000 to Spaceport America for its own flight control center. The company has received FCC permission to test their drones until July.

Google will also use millimeter wave technology, which delivers higher speeds than the current 4G technology that’s widely in use. Millimeter technology looks to be the future of high speed data transmission technology. While millimeter waves are believed to have 40 times faster service the only issue with 5G is that it’s not far reaching and can only travel a short distance. The company is working to solve this issue.

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