Google Fiber to provide free internet service for low income residents in select cities.

Google has plans to provide free internet access to low income Americans in affordable housing and its not coming in megabit, its gigabit speed.

This is a very important step in providing what should be considered a necessary 21st century utility to people who cannot afford it. Though it should be noted that Google has already been providing free 5 Mbps internet in public housing.

If you may have not known Google Fiber is is Google’s broadband internet and cable service, with a whopping 1 gigabit speed. Currently there are only a select few locations with Fiber infrastructure: Atlanta, Austin< Charlotte, Kansas City, Nashville, Provo, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, and San Antonio. They have plans to expand their services to other cities across the country. But due to the cost and sometimes the political scene, it is difficult to expand quickly.

As for the free internet the company is working with the white house and local government, residents in parts of Kansas city, Mo., Kansas City, Kan. will be the first to get a free subscription to 1,000 Mbps Google Fiber service. At that speed a user can download an HD Movie in about 7 seconds. If you want to personally check this claim head over to the Google Fiber website, where they have a “race” comparing speeds and the time it takes to download a file.

Google Fiber

“We’ve wired all 100 homes with Fiber, and families can sign up today to access the Internet at up to 1,000Mbps,” the Google Fiber announcement said. “Across Kansas City, we’re working with local affordable housing providers to connect up to nine properties, reaching more than 1,300 families in the metro area.”

They also said that there are plans to bring free internet to low income families to cities where the service, Google Fiber, currently operates. Residents also do not need to pay for anything, including any equipment or installation fees.

Google is known to do these kinds of things. Currently they are working with groups such as Connecting for Good to offer discounted rates for refurbishes devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. In coordination with ConnectHome, a program headed by President Obama, Google will also provide computer labs and digital literacy programming for lower grade students.

Having internet is a must as it provides important things such as access to information and the ability to connect with others, these should not be privileges to only those that can afford it.

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