Hound? It sounds ominous but its competing against Google Now, Cortana, and Siri.

Hound is a smart personal assistant made by SoundHound.

It has become a huge competitor for Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. Hound delivers fast results and with questions that can sometimes be mind boggling, or query boggling.

Hound combines audio speech recognition and natural language processing to deliver faster replies by processing complex queries quickly. The company has years of experience and testing with audio processing, which makes Hound technologically more advanced.

In 2007  Keyvan Mohajer, CEO of SoundHound, released Midomi, a service that translates humming from a user looking for a specific song and identifies that song. In 2009 SoundHound was launched, which identified songs heard on the radio or another source. Hound is the final version that Keyvan Mohajer envisioned nearly a decade ago.

The beta for hound was released in June of 2015 but it required users to have invite codes and is restricted to US residents only. But that didn’t stop people from raving about Hound. As of now you have to ask questions in Hound, meaning you have to open the app and use it. SoundHound has a vision to integrate Hound into technology everywhere.


As of now developers can use Houndify to integrate Hound into apps and hardware. The company is working on an app for iOS.

Its competitors Google, Apple, and Microsoft have their own top of the line assistants: Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, respectively. Google also showered their Now on Tap feature, released in Android M, integrates Now to every app, making it easier for the company to know what the user is searching for and why. Apple has Proactive, that learns users habits and offers suggestions to apps and functions, putting relevant information to the users without having them go searching for it. Microsoft’s Cortana is well integrated with Windows 10 and is also available on Android, windows phones, and iOS. Cortana can also sync between devices so you don’t have to re-input data such as reminders or contact’s.


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