Windows Phone Companion App, the first step to cross platform connectivity.

Microsoft is really making Windows universal, connect your PC, tablet, or smartphone using Windows 10 Phone Companion App. With the Companion App you can link several apps between devices. Check it out as we show you a step by step guide and connect Cortana between PC and Android!

First choose your platform, Windows, Android, iPhone,  iPad.


Its good to see that Microsoft has opened up Windows Apps to work with different platforms.

There are 7 options to choose from, select all that you want, we’ll select Cortana.


If you haven’t already installed Cortana onto your smartphone then you can enter an email address with or download it from Google Play.


On your mobile install Cortana and agree to the terms.


Setup an awesome name for Cortana to call you by, sorry Chiefs taken.


Enter your Microsoft account information.


Once your signed in on your phone click next on the Phone Companion App on Windows and click “I’m signed in to the Cortana app on my phone or tablet.”4.jpg

aAnd now your connected. Setup reminders, notes, and see it on your phone. Now you don’t have to switch between devices and constantly sync, with Windows 10 apps your instantly connected.5.jpgP5.png

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